Since 2000, Norman’s population has grown by 28.6%. As the county seat of Cleveland County, Norman serves as a regional shopping destination for several surrounding communities. The population of Cleveland County, including in both it’s urban and rural areas, have grown significantly in the past few decades.  Norman is part of the growing Oklahoma City metro area with total population of approximately 1.4 million and growing nearly 1.5% each year.Check out the graphs above highlighting the recent growth in our area. Click on the graph to enlarge image.


Building permit values for 2004-2018 for non-residential (upper left), residential (upper right), and combined (lower). Values do not include construction on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, which has added significantly to their building stock in the past decade, including major investments to the University Research Campus, an expansion of the OU Memorial Stadium, and nearly 1,800 new student housing units.